JGTraverse is a couple-goal travel adventure.
We are Jiji and Giorgio, founders of JGTraverse. We warmly welcome you to our growing outdoor experiences. This blog consists of two passions first is an outdoor getaway, and the second is sharing local recipes that we learn in every place we visit.

My husband is Italian, and I am Filipino. We live in the province of Udine, in Cervignano Del Fruili. During my husband’s free days or holidays, our anniversaries, and birthdays, we love to go on vacation trips, hike in the mountain and roam around. We visited various cities outside and inside Italy. We climbed peaks, glimpsed many lakes, attended different festivals, tasted the diverse local cuisine, tried skiing in winter, and more.

In the region where we lived, there are lots of gems to be discovered, and that is Friuli Venezia Guilia. We love taking pictures on our travels and keeping them on an album or hard disk. The recipes we share are from the books on different types of cuisine, local recipes, and then from what my in-law shared with me. We decided to create a blog for adventure and cooking recipes on a website. That’s how JGTraverse was born!

J stands for Jiji
G stands for Giorgio
Traverse – means travel across or through.