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Boodle fight-Sunday Escape

A Day to refuel your soul and be grateful for blessings. Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your family, friends and have a boodle fight!

Before heading on an adventure, we’re having lunch at a Filipino-style food at Kusina by Lasang Pine-oy owned by a Filipino located in Aviano, Italy.

It’s called ‘Boodle fight’ is military-style eating where a long table, top with the banana leaves and full of food is on. Because we are in Italy, banana leaves are barely to find, so we had a clean table wrap with aluminum and plastic instead, relatively decent. So this boodle fight eats with bare hands “kamayan” in tagalog ” kinamot” in bisaya ” mangia con le mani ” in Italian, no utensils needed of course you have to wash your hands well before entering the fight. But if you choose not to use your hand, they got gloves for you ;). We’ve got plenty of dishes served on the table, and all taste goods!

Boodle fight dishes have no set rule for food types in what to add every food that available well serve just perfect!!