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Chicken Pan-fry with greens & tomatoes

I remember it was Sunday that day my husband and I decided to treat ourselves outside for lunch in a local restaurant. Aside from the menu, the restaurant offers a menu for a day. They served fresh produce, meats, and seasonal vegetables on nearby farms. It is one of Italian style food; living for so many years here in Italy, I adopt the temperament of being an Italian. When you visit a rural area or city in Italy, look for a restaurant like “agriturismo or trattoria” to taste the typical Italian cuisine. Because I enjoyed my food, I am eager to make my version. I took notes of the ingredients of this simple, healthy, and light recipe. It is 99% the same as what I eat

This recipe is good for two people;


400 grams chicken fillet
3 tablespoon extra olive oil
(for sauté)

3 tablespoon extra olive oil
(for chicken fillet and greasing)
200 grams tomatoes
(grapes or cherry)
65 grams Black Olive Dressed
(see photo below for reference)

20 grams Salted Capers
1 clove minced garlic

parsley for garnish
Pepper and salt
(to season the chicken and to taste)

1. Firstly, season the chicken fillet with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Set aside.
2. Cut the tomatoes into four. When it is so tiny, cut it into two parts.
3. Remove the garlic skin and mince it.
4. Heat a pan and greased it with olive oil.
5. Pan-fry the chicken fillet for about 7-8 minutes both sides until cooked totally.
6. While pan-frying, prepare a plate of green leafy salad and set aside
7. Meanwhile, in another pan with medium heat.
8. Pour the olive oil and garlic
9. Add down the sliced tomatoes and stir. Add the black olives crapes, stir them smoothly for about 2-3 minutes, and set aside.
10. Slice the cooked chicken fillet into bite-sized place them over the green leafy salad.
11. Top them with the sauté tomatoes; garnish with chopped parsley and voilà!