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How does Autumn feel, smells like?

Such a medley of autumnal surroundings led me to ask myself: How does Autumn feel, smells like?

As I opened my window today, there was a real sense of Autumn in the air. Golden leaves lay spread on the ground, the smell of dampness that caressing your feeling. One of the most notable visual changes that we experience in Autumn is the changing color of leaves on the trees, turning from green to a stunning assortment of browns, reds, and oranges.
During this season, I love to light up the candle every night scented with cinnamon, orange, cloves, and buttery vanilla. I’m so in love with it.
Not just that, I also love baking. My favorite one is the apple pie, sweet with a hint of cinnamon and spice. Your entire house indeed smells so delicious.
I have also made this autumn simmer pot. This seasonal smell immensely fills your house with the most wholesome, comforting scents.
Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. It’s time to shift with chunky knits, statement boots, and cozy coats.
Not only me, love this season but many out there. It is just because it is romantic walking through the forest with those tall colorful trees with your loved ones. A picnic is a more romantic setting in front of the lake with the reflection mixing colors. Not to forget it is a rainy season that gives you a chance to dance in the rain.
Opps..Don’t miss out on experiencing the Chestnut Festival that celebrates this precious fruit of mountains.

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