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Idrija Slovenia Mercury Mining Museum Visit

Idrija is a town in western Slovenia. Europe’s biggest mercury mine.

Anthony’s Shaft Mining Museum

Interesting tour about mining and life of mine workers. We went about 100 meters deep underground to see how the mine had worked.
We also went to the smelting plant nearby where you can see how the ore was processed after it was mined.

Gewerkenegg Castle

The renaissance castle was built in the 16th century for the mine management and the storage of mercury. Castle Gewerkenegg was also a center of trade with mercury in Idrija.

The castle turns into a museum that exhibits its development of mercury mining and lace making. The lace-making exhibits were the best I’ve seen anywhere. There’s still a lace-making festival every year, but the mercury mines are now only open to tourists.

The rich cultural and technical heritage of Idrija makes an interesting look into history.

Of course, the best part should not skip we have lunch at Gostilna Mlinar. We taste the local dishes Idrijski žlikrofi traditional Slovenian dumplings that originate from Idrija. The mini cake topping decor was inspired by the Idrija bobbin lace pattern.

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