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Carnival Dessert

Italian Carnival Dessert

Carnival Dessert


Chiacchiere ( Chatter) are typical Italian sweets usually prepared during the carnival period. The main ingredients are butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. They are crunchy and delicate fried, sprinkled with sugar or icing sugar. They have different names depending on which region in Italy, follows by Frappe in Rome, Bugie in Piedmont, Crostoli or Galani in Veneto, and Tuscany they become the Cenci.
Carnival Chiacchiere is a thin pastry type crumbly and crunchy, tasty and perceptible on the palate, light as a cloud and without grease, even being fried, and when they “crock” they melt on the bite!

Frittelle di Carnevale ( Carnival fritters)
These classic ones are softballs of batter enriched with raisins and pine nuts, or with apples and covered with powdered sugar, the ones you can’t help but try at least once, perfect and sweet.

These two carnival desserts are popular in Italy from mid-January to February for the carnival period. This festival much-loved by children among those colored beautiful masks.

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