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Sappada Plodn Visit

Most people go out bonding their loved ones during the weekend, and in our case, weekdays are a new weekend depending on what day we have free it could be Monday or Wednesday it doesn’t make a big deal the important is to have a rest day. We decided to visit Sappada, a splendid location in the Dolomites, a German-speaking linguistic village where the Piave river originates. In Sappada, the legends live intertwined with history giving life to a unique and special place to discover and explore.

Plodn is the local name of Sappada, in dialect for sappadino. The country has Austrian origins and has preserved a dialect that locals still use to speak. This town was a municipality of the Veneto Region until 2017. When the parliament approved the referendum in 2008, this town now is joined to the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region. A province of Udine and part of the Carnia mountain society. It is now a tourist spot and the highest village in the region, both summer, and winter, because of its unique beauty, scenic dolomites view, and peaceful valley ambiance.

We haven’t done any excursions or sports at all during our visit. We wander and enjoy the easy trail and beautiful spot of what the town offers. When you enter the center part, you embrace the fascinating and alluring valley surrounded by spectacular mountains.

In winter, the beautiful valley of Sappada entertains such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowmobiles, icy walls climbers, snow fun park for kids, and a lot more. While in summer is a must to experience soon.

After the long walk, finally, we can sit, eat lunch, and recharge. In our visit we had lunch at Trattoria La rustica we ordered from their menu the following delicata tartare di cervo, gnocchi al tartufo con funghi porcini, canéderli, filetto di cervo e torta linzer. Of course, the lunch won’t be complete without a coffee, an Italian habit of completing a meal, and I also use it. This alpine rustic-inspired restaurant has a delicious menu to offer.

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