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Ski at Val Saisera

I am nine years living here in Italy, in the region of Fruili Venezie Giuila, where you can enjoy the year-round experience of the attraction and feel the adrenalin in every corner. Fruili Venezia Guilia has a lot to offer from the seasides, mountains, the alps, thermal spas, foods, wines, arts, cultures, shops, historic villages, and a lot more.
During summer you may enjoy the hiking trails, cycling, visiting local festivals, sunbathing on the sea or riverside, Island hopping and many to mention. This season, you can see the overlooking green nature surrounded by the alps and panoramic view villages.

However, winter is also fun. We are just wandering and passing fancy with the snow but less sport for the past winter. This year 2022, my husband and I decided to try skiing. I have zero knowledge about skiing. Well, I just saw many doing but haven’t tried yet while my husband knows well.

We plan for a one-night stay in Tarvisio, and we book a hotel at Hotel Sogni D’oro. This hotel is cozy clean, and our room is lovely; my husband is happy that the bed has two single comforters. Hahaha. The breakfast is tasty, from ham and cakes to beverages. We will recommend and definitely be back!

Besides this hotel, there is also a restaurant and pizzeria. Since we arrive in Tarviso around five in the evening, we first check in to the hotel and drop by the restaurant to make dinner reservations. Then we proceeded to get the ski gear at LUSSARI SPORT it just five minutes away to drive, and where we found my coach, that advised us to have a lesson first if this is my first time.

If you haven’t gear for skiing, don’t worry, you can be able to rent and reserve a day or two before. You may visit LUSSARI SPORT and have a book for skis, snowboards, and bikes. This shop sells technical clothing and accessories for all seasons.

Tap the  photo or here to book.

Since I know nothing about skiing, we book an appointment for a lesson at Scuola Italiana Sci Alpi Giulie. As a beginner, they will teach you the classic techniques on the skating step, which is very crucial like me. I was scared, nervous, and felt quite daunting during the course practice. Luckily, my coach was there to assist and hold me, but sadly I fell three times down. Well, it is part of the learning session. As they say, don’t give up when you fall, but stand up and keep trying until you are learning. My coach gave me support and confidence throughout the session. Guess what? I did it. I can be able to ski alone, applying the basic techniques.

Tap the  photo or here to learn more about the school.

Moreover, when he left us, my husband and I enjoyed skiing, and I felt so proud to have the courage to do it. I will be glad to come back skiing again. I do recommend this school; keep up the excellent work.

After the thrill, of course, we are starving, we stop at Hotel La Baita to have our lunch. I always order my favorite menu when we visit the mountain. We ordered the ‘antipasto selvaggina,’ a sort of cured pork and duck meat. It is so appetizing.

The next plate served is one of the typical local cjarsons, and it is a sweet flavor. Cjarsons is an ancient traditional filled pasta from Friuli. During summer in Sutrio, a beautiful Village in Fruili Venezia Guilia, they celebrate the traditional ‘Sagra dei cjarsons’ There are so many kinds of cjarsons to taste. Each piece is a typical local dish to taste, from herbs to sweet.
Looking forward to this year, we can revisit this festival.

This extraordinary moment we had is exceptional for me, though it gives me confidence and overcomes my fear. I realize that doing what you are afraid of is not that bad. It needs a process, and trusting yourself is the key. The ski, for me, is an extra challenge. If you lose your equilibrium, it causes you severe pain. The more your fear grows, the smaller you become. So this experience is the best thing ever.

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Address: 33018 Camporosso, Province of Udine
Phone: 0428 876525


Address: Via Valcanale, 6, 33018 Camporosso In Valcanale UD
Phone: 346 168 0411

Address: Via dei Forte, 4
33010 Malborghetto Valbruna (UD)
Phone: 39 0428 41959



Via Lussari, 20
33018 Tarvisio (UD)

Operational Headquarters
Via Saisera Parking 1 P1

+39 388 7795866
+39 0428 40474


Via Lussari, 20, 33018 Tarvisio UD
Phone:0428 40474

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